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Food Knolling


Nutritional science is evolving daily, but that does not mean it has made life simpler. Have you ever felt confused or paralyzed by conflicting articles, gimmicks, and nonsense on the “one simple trick” to improve your entire life with nutrition?


Current nutritional information is fairly complex to interpret for optimal health and disease prevention. It can seem like an unfair fight to simply know what to do.


Everyone has an incentive to be healthy and the missing link for most people is nutrition. If you would like to take a step back and let someone else take over your nutritional driver’s seat, Coach Evan is happy to help.


Whether your goal is to get leaner than you have ever been in your life, improve physical performance, or simply be healthier and feel better, Coach Evan will work with you to find a sustainable approach for success. 


  • Customized macronutrient distribution based on your exact needs

  • Easy-to-follow meal plans

  • Recipes

  • Ongoing support, coaching, feedback, and encouragement

  • Real-time coaching progressions

Contact Certified Nutrition Coach Evan Sitzman for a consultation and pricing!


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